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It’s not really time travel, but with Zolve you can apply for a U.S. bank account & U.S. Credit Card even before you set foot in America!

Zolve card

Launchpad For Your Higher Studies In the USA

No upfront fees

Moving across countries can be financially overwhelming. A Zolve account comes with no application fee, no annual credit card fee and no monthly bank account fees.

No SSN required

Zolve know you are new to America, your visa, passport and basic personal information is enough to get you started with your Zolve Account.

5-min online application

Sign up before you leave home, so that when you land in the U.S. you can focus on your dreams, worry-free.

High limit credit card

Whether it’s grocery shopping or that dream laptop or an emergency expense, Zolve got your back with a high limit credit card.

A Platform For Free Information & Support For Students!

Free Platform

Giving your dream the credit it’s due.

Access to money should be the least of your worries when you have aimed to win the world. With a high limit U.S. credit card with no annual fee, we give you the power to do more from Day 1.

*After 6 months APR will be 14.99% (variable with prime rate as follows: 11.74% + WSJ Prime Rate)

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An account, designed for You

Apply for a U.S. Bank Account at home and operate when you arrive. It’s safer than carrying cash.

Money at your fingertips

A powerful new-age online app to manage your money on-the-go.
No need to go to a physical branch.
Safe and Secure.

Frequently asked questions

Zolve is a cross border fintech that enables fair access to global financial products. We understand that the needs of a global citizen like you with financial footprints in more than one country are different from those of local residents. Our aim to simplify your financial world.

Currently serving the India-U.S. corridor, we let you apply for a U.S. bank account and a U.S. credit card on Day 1. With a lightning fast set up process that you can initiate from India, minimal documentation and no application fees, Zolve helps you prepare for your financial life in the USA.

Short answer – no and no. As you are new to the country, we know you may not have an SSN or U.S. credit history. But that shouldn’t stop you from starting your life on an equal footing in the U.S. With Zolve, you can apply for a U.S. Bank Account and U.S. Credit Card from India itself before you go with your passport and visa as identification documents. The process is entirely online, and approvals are fast. The debit and credit card will be delivered to your U.S. address after you arrive.

Apart from no SSN and no credit history requirement, Zolve is the only credit card that offers a high credit limit on day 1 of arrival with no upfront deposit required. How do we do this you ask? With Zolve, you do not need a U.S. credit history to apply as we consider your unique circumstances and alternative data, giving you extremely high chances of approval. Because we trust you, you do not have to pay any security deposit to get a credit card, unlike other starter credit cards. Moreover, we report to all three credit bureaus and regularly give you valuable tips to build your credit score faster.

Zolve Account & Credit Card has no application fees. Sounds too good to be true? We understand that moving abroad is a big financial undertaking, so we don’t charge any application fee, annual fee or ask for any minimum balances.

Absolutely. The Zolve Account is FDIC insured up to $250,000 through our partner bank. Moreover, our state of the art app allows you to freeze/unfreeze a card with just a click.

Your forex card blocks your money upfront. And why use a debit card when you get some amazing rewards while spending the same amount on a Credit Card as well as build your credit score!

If you have any further questions check out Zolve FAQ Page, or feel free to Contact Us.

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