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Ms in US 40

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Association of American Universities - MS in US

The Association of American Universities (AAU) is an organization of America’s leading research universities devoted to maintaining a strong system of academic research and education. It was founded in 1900. 63 universities in the US, both public and private, and 2 universities in Canada are members of the AAU. Membership to the Association of American Universities is only by invitation. For a new university to become a member, it requires an affirmative vote of three-fourths of current members. The largest attraction of the AAU for many schools, especially nonmembers, is its prestigious position in the education sector.

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Here we have the list of member Universities of the Association of American Universities.

Institution State or Province Control U.S. News Ranking (2020)
Princeton University New Jersey Private 1
Harvard University Massachusetts Private 2
Columbia University New York Private 3
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Private 3
Yale University Connecticut Private 3
Stanford University California Private 6
The University of Chicago Illinois Private 6
University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Private 6
Northwestern University Illinois Private 9
Duke University North Carolina Private 10
Johns Hopkins University Maryland Private 10
California Institute of Technology California Private 12
Dartmouth College New Hampshire Private 12
Brown University Rhode Island Private 14
Vanderbilt University Tennessee Private 15
Cornell University New York Private 17
Rice University Texas Private 17
Washington University in St. Louis Missouri Private 19
University of California, Los Angeles California Public 20
Emory University Georgia Private 21
University of California, Berkeley California Public 22
University of Southern California California Private 22
Carnegie Mellon University Pennsylvania Private 25
University of Michigan Michigan Public 25
University of Virginia Virginia Public 28
Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Public 29
New York University New York Private 29
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill North Carolina Public 29
University of Rochester New York Private 29
University of California, Santa Barbara California Public 34
University of Florida Florida Public 34
University of California, Irvine California Public 36
University of California, San Diego California Public 37
University of California, Davis California Public 39
Boston University Massachusetts Private 40
Brandeis University Massachusetts Private 40
Case Western Reserve University Ohio Private 40
Tulane University Louisiana Private 40
University of Wisconsin–Madison Wisconsin Public 46
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign Illinois Public 48
University of Texas at Austin Texas Public 48
The Ohio State University Ohio Public 54
Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania Public 57
Purdue University Indiana Public 57
University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Public 57
Rutgers University–New Brunswick New Jersey Public 62
University of Washington Washington Public 62
University of Maryland, College Park Maryland Public 64
Texas A&M University Texas Public 70
University of Minnesota Minnesota Public 70
Indiana University Bloomington Indiana Public 79
University at Buffalo New York Public 79
Michigan State University Michigan Public 84
The University of Iowa Iowa Public 84
University of California, Santa Cruz California Public 84
Stony Brook University New York Public 91
University of Colorado Boulder Colorado Public 104
University of Oregon Oregon Public 104
University of Utah Utah Public 104
The University of Arizona Arizona Public 117
Iowa State University Iowa Public 121
The University of Kansas Kansas Public 130
University of Missouri Missouri Public 139

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