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We simplify your application process.

A completed guide to Studying in US.
US Universities, Application Process, Visa Guidance and more.

Launch pad for your Higher Studies in US

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  • Profile Evaluation and useful Tools
  • US University and courses list
  • Free Information and Support
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  • Step by step application guide
  • Deadlines and Reminders
  • Services at lowest prices

Launch pad for your Higher Studies in US

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I have been looking forward to this launch since last year. My cousin used the services offered by MS in Germany and I wanted the same team to handle my application process. I am happy that they have released the platform now.
MS in US - 6
Vihaan Agarwal
Fall 2020 Aspirant
There was a need for 'MS in Germany' like platform for the US community since very long time. I am glad that this platform is launched. The main thing I expect for sure is a great support from the team. The great support has been the highlight for and I wish we can expect the same from MS in US.
The great thing about MS in Germany was that the information and support for Free. Their partner services were really helpful. If they maintain the same standards, this platform is going to change the landscape of Study in US sector too. I hope they stand up to the expectations and I wish them good luck from the bottom of my heart.
MS in US - 9
Siddharth Chowdhury
Alumni, Well-wisher
I have been actively involved in MS in Germany community since I wanted to keep Germany as an option for my higher studies. I know this team very well and they have been really supportive and active in the German communities. I hope they get the same level of support for USA, all the best!
MS in US - 8
Aarchi Banerjee
TU Munich, WS 2019
The great thing about these platforms are that they are free to use. I, for one, do not want to pay any consultancy for my application process. This platform already has so much information which makes me feel confident about doing the applications on my own.
MS in us - 10
Atharv Singh
Spring 2021 Aspirant
I have been with the MS in Germany team since almost one year. Their services are support are really top class. I expect nothing less from MS in US. This would soon become a go to platform for all those who are planning to study in USA.
Study in US | MS in US® | A Definitive Guide 2
Aakaanksha Bhatt
TUHH, WS 2019
I was asked to write few words which would be put on the MS in US platform. I don't know what to say, I literally wouldn't have got such accurate and updated information and guidance anywhere else for my Masters. I am thankful to the whole team for making my dreams come true. I am sure that there are many people waiting for the launch of their MS in US platform. I can just tell that you guys won't be disappointed.
Study in US | MS in US® | A Definitive Guide 3
Aditya Reddy
Alumni, TUM, SS 2019
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