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Statement Of Purpose

Regardless of the course that you will be applying to, you will be asked to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) with your application to the University. A perfectly written SOP would bring out the candidate’s personality and strengths and weakness, something which the CV and LOR can’t do. This is your chance to pen down your story in your words. It is the only non-official document in the application that can carry up to 30% weightage in deciding your success for admission. You need to bring out the best points on what makes you an eligible candidate for their programme.

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  • Every SOP (or Graduate Essay) is and has to be unique!
  • This is the document which portrays yourself as a person to the admission committee.
  • Your SOP must reflect you, and also puts to display your linguistic skills and mastery in communicating thoughts.
  • A well-penned SOP gives you an edge over all the other candidates with a similar profile as yours. This means good, clearly used words, free from grammatical errors.

Before You Start

  • Check the University Course Requirements to see if there is a topic for your SOP, which needs to be answered.
  • Note down the word limit for SOP. Sometimes it is mentioned that it should be of 500 words/2 pages/ 4500 characters etc.
  • Never refer any other SOP before jotting down yours. Just go through the standard structure and prepare a rough draft. This prevents you from repeating the same words and structure of the referred one.


  • Your CV (optional)
  • Microsoft Word (or any text editor)
  • Text to PDF converter (optional)
  • Grammarly and Hemingway editor (Optional)

Step by step Guide

Your SOP is your story, and no one can tell your story better than you. This guide should give you a proper framework with which you can build your story.

  • Go through your Curriculum Vitae (CV) once. If you have not prepared the document, complete it first. This will set you on the track right away and will show what key points can be highlighted in your SOP. This will also help you in contrasting the content of SOP from that of a CV.
  • Remember - all your academic information and qualifications have already been mentioned in the CV, so you shouldn't be repeating them once more in your SOP.
  • Think about a clear break-point, the one that has motivated you to set your foot on your current path and is a significant factor for you to pursue this degree.
  • Now you have enough information to get started. Sit down and begin with your story. You must now breathe life and add the emotions into your CV.
  • Get your marks cards and achievements to speak for you and tell the story behind them. Bring life to your writing. Engage in a deep thought process. Just let it flow, you can do the editing later.
  • Mention what has motivated you in opting for the particular course, and why that University.
  • Have someone check your prepared document; to get a different perspective and their review on it. Check (i) Is the essay coherent and easy to follow? (ii) Does it reflect your work and personality? (iii) Does it give the right spirit and motivation? Do the course-correction accordingly.
  • Keep editing it for a few days. Add insightful features and remove unnecessary details until it reaches a satisfactory level.
  • Now have a look at other SOP samples online. This is just to ensure that your document is on par with the competition. You may also choose to mention/omit something based on this. But don't be biased to the extent that your SOP loses its uniqueness.
  • If your University expects you to address a specific question(s), make sure that you have addressed every single part of the question. e.g. What motivates you for the subject? Why our University?
  • Make sure you are not crossing the word limit.
  • Now you shall do the final editing. You can use free tools like Grammarly and Hemingway editor. Also, make sure that you don't exceed the word limit. This is essential and shows that you are professional about your work.
  • Lastly, use these tools on MS Word, if you haven't done this already (i) Justify (ii) Insert the header and footer.
  • Save this document as a PDF. This will instantly make your SOP look far more professional.


  • Writing an excellent impressive SOP takes a lot of time and a lot of thoughts. Make sure you have enough time to prepare, edit and proofread your SOP.
  • 3-5 minutes is the maximum time people have to go through your SOP; thanks to a barrage of applications the Universities receive. If your SOP just follows the same standard format as others, it won't grab their attention.
  • If you are planning in applying to multiple universities, you must give an impression that the SOP is written explicitly for their University. Do your homework and try to be smart about which details to include/exclude based on the university profile.
  • Different Universities have different achievements, ranked for various subjects, accredited by multiple organizations. Including this in your SOP would give the impression that you have a thorough knowledge of the background of the University.

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