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Ms in US 40

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Application and Selection Process for MS in US

The application and selection process for a master’s degree in US universities may prove to be a challenging task to handle on your own. However, all your efforts will pay off once you are selected into your favorite university. With proper guidance, the application procedure can be dealt with quickly. All the best!

Application and Selection Process for MS in US

Before You Start the Application and Selection Process for MS in US

  • You need to make a list of all the requirements and eligibility criteria for the universities you are planning to apply for. Make notes of any additional document requirements which may or may not be country-specific.
  • Make sure you have attested copies of all your original documents.

Online Application

  • Most universities in the US have an online portal where you can register.
  • There is no centralized admission portal where you can apply to all universities in the US.
  • Register with your personal email address and always fill in your information exactly the way it is in your passport.
  • Make sure you have access to your email at all times. You might get emails in the spam folder as well. Be careful while filtering out spam emails and keep checking it regularly.
  • In the online application phase, you will be asked to upload scanned copies of your documents and certificates.
  • Fill in the candidate details as in your passport
  • Print the application form, sign it and upload the acknowledgement form. Then proceed to submit the online application.

Initial Profile Evaluation

  • Usually, your application is initially evaluated solely based on your online application, documents and certificates. In this case, you need to wait for an update on the application status.
  • Some universities may insist on a telephonic/Skype interview. You will be asked about your profile and interests as mentioned on your CV and SOP.

Document Verification

  • Certain universities respond solely based on your online application. You need not send any hard copies of your documents; your documents will be verified when you enroll at the university.
  • Most universities will ask you to submit notarized copies of relevant documents. The second stage of evaluation is when you provide physical copies. You will receive your final result from the university in a few days.
  • The university will send you the admission letter only after confirming your admission via email.

Additional Tips

Follow these tips to make your application look more professional and stand out of the crowd.

  • Arrange your application documents in the same order as given on the university website.
  • Create an index page/cover letter that lists all the documents enclosed.
  • Use good quality paper to print important documents such as your CV, SOP, LORs etc. Do not print on both sides.
  • Do not staple the pages, use paper clips instead to keep them together.
  • Write your name/student ID (assigned after submitting the online application) on all the essential documents with a pencil. This way, your documents won't get mixed with other candidate's documents.


  • Before you begin, have an understanding of the application and selection process by using credible online and offline sources.
  • The best time to apply for a course is as soon as the application period starts.
  • Keep all the documents and notarized copies ready well before the application period so that you will not lose days in arranging them.
  • Starting early is the key. The earlier you get your university admit, the easier the whole process will be.

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