Top 10 STEM Master Courses in USA

Top 10 STEM Master Courses in USA

Throughout the 21st century, US has remained a global hub for world-class education. Although we witnessed the steady rise of many nations as a study destination, the US still remains one of the most sought-after places among international students to go for higher education. The country has been able to maintain its reputation by constantly evolving and regularly incorporating modern teaching techniques. STEM Master Courses in USA are the most popular programs chosen by the international students.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Any related degrees and sub-topics fall under the purview of STEM courses. If you wish to study a STEM master’s, below is a list of the best STEM Master courses in USA that are internationally recognized and the universities that offer them.

STEM Master Courses in USA

STEM Master Courses in USA offered by Top Universities

Studying a STEM subject can be a notch more important and difficult than other fields. Especially in this modern world where STEM subjects revolving around science and technology hold the key to economic progress. Every milestone in recent human history in some way or another has been related to an advancement in science. Specializing in STEM degrees usually give you an upper hand when it comes to finding full-time jobs in the US. If you choose the right university and excel in your courses, there is a good chance that a lucrative career will be waiting for you by the time you graduate.

STEM Master Courses in USA offered by Top Universities

Graduates in STEM studies are highly demanded in every job market and in a vast variety of industries. As a STEM graduate, you will be a problem-solver and that is exactly the skill that companies and corporates are always looking for. Studies have shown that STEM graduates earn significantly higher than their counterparts. Here are some of the STEM Master courses in USA that are globally always in-demand.

1. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers produce and design, transform and transport materials with experimentation in the laboratory followed by implementation of the technology in large-scale production. A large number of industries depend on chemical engineers for the synthesis and processing of chemicals materials. Types of jobs available for Chemical engineers include positions of Process Technician, Process Engineering Technician, Senior Process Engineering Technician, Cooperation Engineer and Production Engineer. Some of the best companies for Chemical Engineers are ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Halliburton, Deepwater and Baker Hughes incorporated.

Top Universities to pursue MS in Chemical Engineering

2. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering involves planning, designing and constructing, of facilities essential to modern life like highways, bridges and tunnels, etc. Subsequently, the course also deals with safeguarding the public and environmental health as well as improving existing infrastructure standard. Types of jobs available to Civil engineers are Construction Engineering, Structural Engineering, Survey Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering. Top companies in the field of Civil engineering in the US include Arup, Atkins, Vinci, Mott McDonald, Stantec and Balfour Beatty.

Best Universities to pursue MS in Civil Engineering

3. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers study the application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Trained electrical engineers design electric circuits and equipment and also get to work in large power plants and hardware companies. Some job positions available to Electrical engineers include those of Architectural and Engineering Managers, Computer Hardware Engineers and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians. Top companies in the US in the field of Electrical engineering are Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments, Intel, Boeing and Tesla.

Top Universities to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering

4. Mechanical Engineering

The primary role of a mechanical engineer is to take an idea from the bookshelf to market effectively. To accomplish this, the mechanical engineer must be able to design them for functionality, aesthetics and durability. Their job is also to determine the best manufacturing approach that will ensure operation without failure. Types of jobs available to Mechanical engineers are Thermal Engineer, Mechanical and maintenance engineer. Top companies in the US in the field of Mechanical engineering are Google, Boeing, Apple, Lockheed Martin and Microsoft.

Top Universities to pursue MS in Mechanical Engineering

5. Computer Science

Computer Science deals with the basic knowledge of computer programming, networking and software development. Computer science provides you with ample knowledge about the implementation design and management of the entire system. It deals with both the aspects hardware as well as software. Types of jobs available to Computer Sciences graduates are Application analyst, Applications developer, Cybersecurity analyst, Data analyst and Database administrator. Top companies in the US in the field of Computer Sciences are HCL, Google, Wipr, Tech Mahindra, IBM and Microsoft.

Top Universities to pursue MS in Computer Sciences

6. Infosystems

Information system deals with an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data to providing information and knowledge across the globe. Business firms and other significant organizations rely on information systems to carry out and manage their operations. Top companies in the US in the field of Info Systems are Apple, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft.

Top Universities to pursue MS in Infosystems

7. Chemistry

The MS in Chemistry prepares you for the program in numerous career paths such as in research, development, education, and administration. You will learn the skills to conduct specialized laboratory research in the highly competitive chemical and biological industries. Types of jobs available in Chemistry are those of Analytical Chemist, Chemical Engineer, Chemistry Teacher, Forensic Scientist and Geochemist. Top companies in the US in the field of Chemistry are Asahi Kasei Corporation, Linde AG, Air Liquide, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings and DuPont.

Top Universities to pursue MS in Chemistry

8. Natural Sciences

Over the course, students will develop the ability to research and evaluate critical information. Students in Natural Sciences will learn how to prepare communications and work methodically. The knowledge that they obtain in their specific courses will help them in getting jobs such as laboratory technicians and conservation officers in organizations. Top companies in the US in the field of Natural Sciences are Mayo Clinic, National Institute of Health, American Cancer Society, National Geographic and Peace Corps.

Top Universities to pursue MS in Natural Science

9. Material Sciences

Materials Science is a field that is connected to both Science and Engineering. The primary focus of the subject is on the structure of materials and its macroscopic properties. With recent developments in nanotechnology, Materials Science has become the main focus at many universities, and there is a rising demand for more students educated in this field. Top companies in the US in the field of Material Science are BASF, 3M, Desktop Metal, Apeel Sciences and Becton Dickinson.

Top Universities to pursue MS in Material Sciences

10. Mathematics

Master of Science in Mathematics gives graduates a chance to obtain advanced research skills and knowledge in a professional environment. An MS degree in Mathematics from the US can provide you with the necessary experience and key competencies you need. Advanced mathematics training focuses on the fundamental theories of quantum mechanics to make predictions about experiment outcomes. Top companies in the US in the field of Material Science are Dow Chemicals, Corning, Becton Dickinson, Apeel Sciences and Desktop Metal.

Top Universities to pursue MS in Mathematics


This list of STEM Master Courses in USA gives you an overview of the best STEM courses, top universities, job opportunities and top companies in the country. Depending on the field of study that you decide to work with, this list provides you valuable information that can help you determine your future course of action.

Furthermore, pursuing a master degree in USA adds immense value to your profile as the quality and standard of education is top-notch in this country. Read more to learn about the various advantages of studying a Master course in the USA.

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