Top 10 Master’s Programs to Study in the USA

One cannot fall short of reasons to pursue a Master’s program in the USA. Not only is America home to some of the best Universities in the world, it often sets the standard for Universities worldwide. It houses the world’s highest international students ahead of the UK and Canada. Academic excellence, cultural diversity and a robust student support system are some of the reasons. This blog will cover the top Master’s programs to study in the USA so that you can have a look and decide the course of your career!

Top Universities in the USA

Let us first go through the top Universities for masters programs in the USA. According to the latest QS World University rankings, there are 10 US Universities in the top 25 Universities in the world! You can check them out below.

University Name QS World University Ranking 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) –Cambridge, Massachusetts 1
Stanford University –Stanford, California 3
Harvard University –Cambridge, Massachusetts 5
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) –Pasadena, California 6
University of Chicago –Chicago, Illinois 10
University of Pennsylvania –Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 13
Princeton University –Princeton, New Jersey 16
Yale University –New Haven, Connecticut 18
Cornell University –Ithaca, New York 20
Columbia University –New York City, New York 22

Top Master's Programs to study in the USA

Now we know the top universities to study a Master’s programs to study in the USA. Let us move forward and have a look at the most demanded and top Master’s programs in the USA. The Master’s courses offered in American Universities will equip you with the most advanced skill sets and knowledge that will benefit you in the long run. It is important to note that STEM programs are the most sought-after in US Universities. The Universities are recognised widely for their quality of education and research opportunities.

Let’s look at the top Master’s programs to study in the USA according to different fields/domains, the type of degree obtained and the duration of the course.


The engineers of today are the innovators of tomorrow. As the world progresses, there is an even greater need for engineers to solve problems in many fields and industries. The demand for engineers is increasing as advancements are made every day.

Field Specialisation/ Programs
Engineering Bio- Medical Engineering
Computational Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Degree Type Duration
Masters of Engineering (M.Eng.) 1-2 years

Top Universities for Engineering

Business Management

In this fast-paced developing world, there is an even more significant need for entrepreneurs and business managers who can control the flow of business and goods. Business Management is one of the most in-demand Master’s programs to study in the USA and worldwide.

Field Specialisation/ Programs
Business and Management Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
International Business Management
Engineering Management
Degree Type Duration
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) 1-2 years

Top Universities for Business Management

University Name Tuition Fees (per year)
University of Michigan $57,273
University of Pennsylvania $82,874
University of California Berkeley $43,980

Public Health

This has always been considered an important field. However, in recent years after Covid-19, its importance has come to light even more. There is an increased want and need for people working in this sector who can ensure that the public is safe and healthy. These professionals are needed in public, private and all types of institutions.

Field Specialisation/ Programs
Public Health Epidemiology
Environmental Health Sciences
Population and Family Health
Degree Type Duration
Masters of Public Health (MPH) 1-2 years

Top Universities for Public Health

University Name Tuition Fees (per year)
John Hopkins University $60,960
Harvard University $66,960
University of North Carolina $72,870 (total)
photo-1614935151651-0bea6508db6b (1)


This vast field has endless opportunities that will never run out of demand. A degree or specialisation in any Science is sure to go a long way! STEM is the most sought-after domain in the US, with excellent opportunities for study and research.

Field Specialisation/ Programs
Sciences Biology
Cognitive Science
Degree Type Duration
Masters of Science (MSc.) 1-2 years

As Science is considered a vast field, here are some of the top Master’s programs to study in the USA in this domain.

Medicine and Life Sciences

This will remain one of the most popular fields in the world and one of the top Master’s programs to study in the USA. As the world battles and overcomes diseases and epidemics like Covid-19, doctors and medical experts are on the frontline in saving lives to the best of human abilities.

Field Specialisation/ Programs
Medicine and Life Sciences Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Speech and Hearing Sciences
Applied Bio Sciences
Pharmaceutical Science
Degree Type Duration
Masters of Science (MSc.) 1-2 years

Top Universities for Medicine

University Name Tuition Fees (per year)
Harvard University $56,018
New York University $60,090
University of California - San Francisco $54,698


Now that you know the top Master’s programs to study in the USA, you may require financial support to pursue your dream career. In this blog, we have mentioned some scholarships available for international students that you can check and apply for.

Scholarship name Benefits
Fulbright – Nehru Fellowships Available for Masters and Doctoral program
Covers tuition fees, health and accident insurance, living costs
Also covers J-1 visa
AAUW International Fellowships For women who want to study and research in the US
Covers professional degrees, graduate and undergraduate programs
University Scholarships Fully funded and partially funded scholarships for domestic and international students
Offered by majority of the top universities including MIT, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and others

Important note: Most, if not all, the Universities offer Financial Aid or Scholarships to domestic and international students for Master’s programs to study in the USA. You can check the website or contact the University for more information or assistance regarding availability and eligibility.


Here are some other questions that you may have about Master’s programs to study in the USA.

  1. What are the admission requirements for a Master’s in the USA?

The requirements include the following:

  • An undergraduate degree
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Student visa
  • GMAT/GRE scores (if applicable)
  • Work experience certificate (if applicable)
  1. What is the duration of the course?

The course can last anywhere between 1 to 2 years. Some Universities even offer part-time and full-time options, which in turn affect the duration of the course. 

  1. How to apply for a Master’s program in the USA?

The application is made online through the University’s application portal. Visit the University’s official website for information about the application dates. 


It is interesting to look at the top Master’s Programs to study in the USA, the leading study destination for students worldwide. US universities are ahead in the game, with many opportunities and the best teaching methodologies. As the world evolves, trends and patterns change, giving rise to a demand for specific fields. However, the major areas mentioned in this blog are here to stay for the long run. Good Luck!

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