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Studying abroad is a life-altering decision that can completely transform your life for the better. However, acquiring an MS from the US is a different ball game altogether. The United States of America is one of the premier destinations for higher studies in the whole world. With one of the best education systems, research facilities …

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Studying at a university in the US is something that many dream of. The application process can get quite tedious unless you have help from experts. If you have already been accepted into a university, congratulations! However, this is the time to direct all your efforts to find a suitable apartment and roommates. For international …

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Introduction Europe and North America are two places that come to people’s minds when they think about studying abroad. While both the places offer a great deal of value to students, they have their own pros and cons. This article focuses on these differences and helps you make an informed decision. A survey conducted by …

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What is F1 Student Visa? The F visas in the United States are a type of Visa for non-immigrant students, which allows prospective students coming from abroad to pursue higher education (academic studies/language training courses) at the United States of America. The F-1 Visa is issued to international academic students only in US Embassies and …

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CoV-2 / COVID -19 / Coronavirus has been recently declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) and many countries have advised its citizens not to cross its country’s borders. Some nations imposed an international travel ban to certain profoundly affected countries like China, Iran and Italy. This article talks about how COVID-19 has …

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STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) graduates are in the USA and other parts of the world. As per an analysis conducted by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected growth of STEM professions between 2018-2028 is 8.8% as opposed to just 5% for all other fields. International masters students opting to graduate from a …

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